Tumblr Artist

Kevin Corrado | on Tumblr (b.1992, USA)

For Kevin Corrado, art has been a defining element of his young life. As he puts it, “it’s how I think and how I see.” Like most young kids, he loved art class. But, as he grew older and as art was fading away for most of his peers, the opposite was happening for him. He found himself spending all of his spare time drawing and hanging out in the art room. Amazingly though, it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he first picked up a camera. Upon graduation, he went to college for graphic design, but soon realized this was not the best fit for his sensibilities. He went back to the camera as a form of meditation and quickly learned that this was a medium worth his devotion. As he explored and experimented, he came to discover the vast technical aspects of the medium, but rather than becoming overwhelmed, he patiently folded their benefits into his searching approach. Corrado is a young artist with a very promising future, both his surreal photo manipulation and landscape photography are mind-blowing. (source: eoartlab)

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